Men's Services

Men’s Cut and Barbering:  Truly a place where our skill level shines.  Our meticulous cuts, whether tightly barbered or looser in feel, elevate the Men’s Cut to a full service grooming experience.  Our team takes the time and cares to always check for a needed brow trim and can clean away other uninvited hairs. If you’re inclined to wear facial hair, we will always groom your beard and mustache as part of your service.  We simply can’t let you leave the chair without tending to everything from the shoulders up!!

Men’s Haircut

Jennifer Cunningham (Senior Stylist) – $80

Sterling Riley (Senior Stylist) – $65

Robby Kiwan (Senior Stylist) – $70

Angi Poux (Senior Stylist) – $65

Krista Varnum (Senior Stylist) – $55

Tauhid Price (Junior Stylist) – $55

(Book with Jennifer Cunningham for included Barbering Services)

Grey diffusion: This color service is for our grey haired gentlemen. A man looking to tone down or blend their grey. Cary Grant comes to mind.


Color and Lightening services: There are so many options for men’s color services. We offer a full range. Sun kissed to avant-garde. Let’s consult.