Haircut Services

We are a gender neutral salon.  That means that there is only one price for a cut regardless of identity.  All our haircuts include a luxurious shampoo, conditioning and scalp massage with mindful products selected for hair type.  Our cuts always include a highly developed attention to detail and a full service grooming experience. Our styling finishing skills are put to work to achieve the wanted results.


Jennifer Cunningham (Senior Stylist)
Women’s Haircut – $125

Sterling Riley (Senior Stylist)
Women’s Haircut – $100

Robby Kiwan (Senior Stylist)
Women’s Haircut – $100

Angi Poux (Senior Stylist)
Women’s Haircut – $100

We kindly ask that you provide a 24-hour cancellation or reschedule notice. Our stylists’ time is valuable. When cancellations occur at the last minute we must charge for the appointment in full.  We must do this, otherwise it severely impacts our staff and affects our ability to accommodate other clients. We understand and appreciate the time you take from your busy schedule to see us. We sincerely thank you for your business and loyalty.

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