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Mens Services: Gender Neutral Pricing

Why We Are A Gender Neutral Salon: Commitment to providing positive, gender- affirming services for LGBTQ2S+ clients.

Hair Cutting is naturally Non-binary. However, for years there has been a common practice for charging less for Men’s Cuts than Women’s Cuts. We are committed to ending this discrimination. Haircutting is truly a place where our skill level shines. Our meticulous cuts, whether long or short, tightly barbered or loose in feel, all take approximately the same amount of time to execute and definitely require a highly developed skill set. It takes time and personal investment to become a really great hairdresser. We elevate cutting to a full service, tailored grooming experience. Our team takes the time and care to always consult on desired results, face shape, personal style and where the client lives in the “wheel of Fashion”.

We kindly ask that you provide a *24-hour minimum* cancellation or reschedule notice. Our stylists’ time is valuable. When cancellations occur at the last minute we must charge for the appointment in full, otherwise it severely impacts our staff and affects our ability to accommodate other clients. Cancellations are valid only by calling the salon directly. No emails or texts. We understand and appreciate the time you take from your busy schedule to see us. We sincerely thank you for your business and loyalty.

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